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Lots of parking Areas are particularly precious, although that’s not mirrored in latest current market selling prices. Actually, Professor Shoup estimates that lots of American parking spaces have a higher economic benefit than the cars sitting down in them.

For help constructing a digital media prepare for The full spouse and children, the AAP recommends utilizing the Household Media System Instrument, which can be discovered at

"Younger children can inform when their dad and mom' heads are generally of their cells," Chassiakos reported. The lack of focus from the guardian will make "kids' levels of irritable conduct worse."

1. to move ahead. The army Superior in direction of the town; Our designs are advancing nicely; He married the manager's daughter to progress (= strengthen) his likelihood of promotion. bevorder يَتَقَدَّم напредвам avançar pokročit; zlepšit Fortschritte machen; verbessern gøre fremskridt; rykke frem; skride fremad προχωρώ, προελαύνω, προκόβωavanzar, proceder edasi liikuma, edenema, edendama پیش رفتن؛ پیشرفت کردن edetä avancer לְהִתְקַדֵם आगे बढ़ना unaprijediti halad memajukan sækja fram; efla avanzare 進む 나아가다 žengti į priekį virzīties uz priekšu; progresēt meningkatkan vooruitgaanrykke fram; forbedre, øke posuwać (się) naprzód پرمختګ avançar a avansa; a spori продвигаться submitúpiť, zlepšiť napredovati, pospešiti napredovati avancera, främja เคลื่อนไปข้างหน้า ilerlemek 前進 рухати(ся) вперед, просуватися کوج کرنا tiến về; phát triển 提升,推进

We end up overusing land for vehicles — and overusing automobiles far too. You don’t have to hate sprawl, or cars, to want to prevent subsidizing this way of everyday living.

The mediaQuant design collects optimistic, neutral and destructive media mentions alike. Mr. Senatori said unfavorable media mentions are offered relatively significantly less bodyweight.

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she accused him of making unwelcome sexual developments → lo acusó de insinuaciones sexuales indebidas

. Girls are assumed to get the have-nots due to the fact an enormous lobby devotes itself to proving Venus is even worse off than Mars. Mars’ afflictions go unnoticed. So Allow’s think about a couple of of them.

obtaining created lots of progress; in a significant stage. an advanced Laptop or computer program; in the State-of-the-art phases in the illness. gevorderd مُتَقَدِّم напреднал avançado pokročilý fortgeschritten fremskreden; videregående; for viderekomne προχωρημένοςavanzado edasijõudnud, kaugele arenenud پیشرفته edistynyt avancé מִתְקַדֵם उन्नत uznapredovao haladó maju framhalds-; þróaður, langt kominn avanzato, avanzata 進んでいる 고급의 pažengęs į priekį uz priekšu pavirzījies; progresīvs; augstākā līmeņa ke peringkat yg lebih atas gevorderd videregående, for viderekomne; framskreden dla zaawansowanych, zaawansowany پرمخ تللی avançado avansat продвинутый pokročilý višji napredan avancerad, långt framskriden ที่อยู่นำหน้า; ชั้นสูง ileri, gelişmiş 先進的,進階的 сучасний; досконалий ترقی کرنا tiến bộ 先进的,高级的

progress - a tentative recommendation created to elicit the reactions of others; "she turned down his innovations"

"The sounds and activity of a screen are distracting for a child," she said. Even though the infant is not straight taking a look at the screen -- for example, if a mom is nursing her boy or girl to the sofa whilst watching Television set -- the newborn is often overstimulated because of the lights and Seems, more info which may trigger distress and sleep complications.

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After the conversation ends, mothers and fathers can dietary supplement children's Finding out by repeating what grandma explained to the monitor.

"These devices are so hard to calibrate," Silver mentioned, noting that 6 years stay on The existing collective bargaining settlement.

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